How to Set Up Your Bed for Feng Shui

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How to Set Up Your Bed for Feng Shui

Having harmonious energy in a room definitely helps with enhancing the quality of sleep. Feng shui, the centuries-old Chinese approach of arranging a space for better balance, or yin and yang, can be just what you need to create a serene setting for napping, dreaming or enjoying deep slumber. Have a look at how to set up your precious bed so that it is Feng shui-friendly for the future.

Establish Easy Access

Position the bed in such a way that it is easy to get to in the first place. Meaning, there should be enough space on all sides so that it is not surrounded by unnecessary clutter and furniture. Height is another element that will make a difference in how well the chi energy circulates around you so you want to also keep that in mind. Avoid placing the bed directly under a window too because this may also decrease energy that could be flowing your way. Get rid of computers and TVs in the vicinity because this type of technology disrupts the Feng shui energy by causing unwanted distractions. Instead, what you do want to make sure you do is have are a pair of nightstands and a pair of lamps to create more tranquility and balance.

Don’t Forget Aesthetics

The appearance of the bed contributes or counters Feng shui energy. Start with a quality headboard made of wood or upholstery instead of one made of a metal frame to achieve better balance and support. Next, only choose bedding and pillows in soothing colors and are comfortable. Specifically, you’re going to want “skin” colors such as cream, brown and off-white or peach, all of which are known to add a peaceful feeling to any ambiance.

Be Mindful of Blocking Energy

Experts in Feng shui arena advise against lining the bed up with the door. If you’re wondering why, well, they say that the configuration resembles that of a coffin. Creepy right? So don’t line up the bed with the door. One way to make sure that it doesn’t line up with the door is to lie down and see where feet are facing. If they point to the door, it’s time to make a few adjustments. Other no-nos include having the bed face a mirror, which apparently takes away your positive energy.


Following these essential Feng shui principles will make all the difference in how well you sleep at night. So take the time to transform the sleeping area into an inviting setting that is ideal for promoting positive energy day in and day out.

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