What Type of Material Makes Up The Best Mattress

What Type of Material Makes Up The Best Mattress

Bedroom mattresses should be replaced in eight to ten years. Many people continue to use their bedroom mattresses for well over a decade. This is fine if there is no obvious problem with the mattress and if the user is not experiencing any issue while sleeping. If you are embarking on a quest to shop for bedroom mattresses, you should know how to compare the plethora of options so you can certainly choose the finest.


The first comparison will be on the basis of material. Price should not be the first criterion. The popular materials right now are memory foam, coils, latex, polyurethane foam and hybrids. Pillow top mattresses are not a different category in regards to material. These simply have more comfortable covers. They can be memory foam, polyurethane foam, coils, latex or hybrids. A hybrid mattress is usually a mix of more than one material. Each of these materials has its fair share of pros and cons, so does adjustable mattresses which is another variant. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages in the right context.

Mattress Material

Memory foam is great for those want a comfortable mattress that nearly hugs the sleeper. However, it can be uncomfortable in tropical regions of the world. Coils are more traditional and they can be a tad firmer. Latex is not suitable for everyone. Polyurethane foam is becoming very popular due to the various layers of cushioning available in such mattresses. Hybrids are also a favorite these days due to their relevance for different sleeping patterns. Usually, those who sleep on their side will want a cushionier mattress. Those who sleep on their back will want a firmer feel.


You will need to choose the firmness and accordingly a material but you must begin with a pragmatic budget. Spending less than five hundred dollars on bedroom mattresses is a waste of money. You will not get a reliable, durable or comfortable mattress. You have to pay anywhere between seven hundred to around a thousand dollars if you want to sleep well. Five to seven on a scale of ten is a good range for level of firmness. Very few people want the firmness to be over seven. Some people like it at three or four but only those who sleep on their side.


Mattress Weight

Bedroom mattresses have a weight threshold. Some brands may not be forthcoming with such a limit but all materials have a level of endurance. You cannot expect the same bedroom mattresses to respond identically for two sleepers weighing as different as a hundred pounds and three hundred pounds. Your weight will have an immediate and a sustained impact on the mattress. Choose one that is suitable for your bodyweight. If you choose an unsuitable mattress, it will shrink and there will be uncomfortable pressure points.

Mattress Styles For Back Pain

Regular bedroom mattresses are not meant for people with back pain or musculoskeletal and spinal problems. The best mattresses for a bad back should have motion isolation, more supportive build, dispersion of weight and pressure relief by conforming to the contours of the body. Some of the best mattresses for a bad back are Brooklyn Bedding Signature, Helix Dawn, PlushBeds Botanical Bliss, Layla, Bear, DreamCloud and Winkbeds Plus.